Re-elect Leah Gold
Healdsburg City Council​

General Election November 6, 2018

"Gold is often the voice of reason and experience, quietly pushing the council to make decisions, stay focused and find compromises."

                                                                   "Gold Seeking Re-election," Healdsburg Tribune, August 16, 2018
Leah is proud to be endorsed by:
Lynda Hopkins

Jared Huffman
James Gore


Healdsburg Mayor Brigette Mansell
Healdsburg Vice-Mayor David Hagele
Healdsburg Councilmember and Former Mayor Shaun McCaffrey
Healdsburg Councilmember Joe Naujokas
Former Mayor and Councilmember Tom Chambers
Planning Commissioner Jerry Eddinger

​And many more community leaders:

"Leah Gold has the solid experience Healdsburg needs. Known for being accessible and responsive to residents' concerns, she understands the community and is a proven leader on issues such as affordable housing, the environment, and open space."

                                                                                                              Laurie Gallian
                                                                                      Chair, Sonoma County Democratic Party
                                                                                      Former Mayor, City of Sonoma

“I’m endorsing Leah because she cares about the environment and smart growth for the City of Healdsburg. She listens to community members and cares about balancing the needs of locals with the tourism industry. I believe that Leah Gold is what the City needs to have a fair and balanced City Council.”

                                                                                     Susan Jones
                                                                                     Former Mayor, City of Healdsburg
                                                                                     Former Chief of Police, City of Healdsburg 

"Leah Gold has been a loyal advocate for Healdsburg's Parks and Recreation as a private citizen as well as a City Council member. I appreciate that commitment and support her for City Council."

Kathy Birdsong
                                                                                    Chair, Healdsburg Parks and Recreation Commission

“Leah Gold's intelligence, experience and willingness to engage with all strata of our community make her a natural choice for our City Council. I am especially encouraged by her experience with open space issues. Finally, you would be hard pressed to find a greater advocate for those seeking affordable housing options that are appropriate for Healdsburg."

                                                                                     Chris Herrod
                                                                                     Healdsburg Parks and Recreation Commissioner

“Leah understands the issues impacting families in our community, especially those who are struggling with the cost of housing and other basic needs. As a mom raising my kids in Healdsburg, I know that Leah will be a tireless advocate for all families.”

                                                                                      Ariel Kelley
                                                                                      Board Chair, Corazòn Healdsburg
“I’ve known Leah since 1992 when we worked together on the Healdsburg Family Playground. Her community spirit, “can do” attitude, collaboration skills and love of our community impressed me from the start. She is smart, practical and really knows how to bring people together.”
                                                                                       Gina Fontana
                                                                                                             Former President, Healdsburg Education Foundation